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Coriolis Effect


Feb. 23 – March 9, 2014


ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th Street, Chicago, IL 60608


Artists: Lisa Walcott, Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales

Curator: Ruslana Lichtzier


ACRE Projects presents Coriolis Effect, that brings together three emerging artists, Lisa Walcott, Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales, to explore concerns they have began investigating this summer, during their ACRE residencies.


Mendelsohn and Schmidt-Arenales are collaborating on a long-term, multilayered project; its previous stage was presented this January during the Extinct Entities Festival. In their work, Sarah and Fred mediate between performance, film, and painting, while using writing a common thread. However, this thread does not tie their work into one continues fabric, but rather opens it up to the multiplicity of overwriting, reading and performing. As viewers, we are challenged meet territorial and cultural margins; open subjective constructions that yet point back to political vortexes. Walcott creates the moments of what we may define as the classic Unheimlich, the familiar (and the familial) that has estranged. Using common objects, she produces time-based kinetic sculptures that encapsulate fragments of subdued scenarios. In their trapped movement, the objects reveal the hidden, but do not expose what they conceal. 


The exhibition will operate as a stage for a confrontational encounter between heterogeneous forces that insist upon one thing – an actual abstraction.


The term, Coriolis Effect, comes from physics, and refers to a deflection of moving objects when they are viewed in a rotating reference frame; one common rotating frame is the planet earth. When we consider the constant movement of things, steady reflection is inconceivable.


The exhibition will host exclusive film screenings by the Israeli artist, Roee Rosen, and the Viennese artist, Friedemann Derschmidt. It will be the first Chicago public screening of these films. Also, it will present Performances by Sarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales and Heather MacKenzie. Please follow the dates.

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